APSC CCE Study Plan | Strategy for APSC Preparation

For higher chances of success in APSC CC Examination, we must follow some of the most important strategies for APSC exam preparation.

APSC CCE Study Plan | Strategy for APSC Preparation

The Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) Examination is a dream for thousands of youth in Assam who wants to make this dream come true. This bureaucracy that attracts young
minds is because it is a prestigious career opportunity that gives power, prestige and fame altogether in a society along with the chance for people’s service. A lot of APSC aspirants must
have heard innumerable times in their academic life that cracking APSC examination is one of the toughest jobs. While some keep their spirit on, some get demotivated and give up trying.
But it’s completely untrue. Anyone can pass the APSC Examination if they want to by studying dedicated. All they need is a proper strategic study plan that will help them make this dream
come true.

So, how do we start?

For higher chances of success in APSC CC Examination, we must follow some of the most
important steps in our preparation for it.

1. Start Early

Starting the preparation for APSC CC Examination as early as possible will be of great advantage as you will get the much needed time to build your basics and make your general knowledge stronger. And once the examination comes near, you will be less worried and not waste your time in collecting the basic pieces of information about when and what to study. For those who are attempting APSC CC Examination for the first time must start their preparation as early as 12 months before the exam. This will give enough time to study the
syllabus and put everything in place and prepare in a more organised way.

2. Know the APSC Exam Pattern

The preparation of APSC CCE requires a strategic approach to the exam pattern which involves three stages. Detailed information and analysis on each of the stages of the APSC CCE are very important. The three stages include Preliminary Examination, Main Examination and Viva-voce or Interview. Each of these three stages needs preparation individually in their own space.

3. Choose the Optional Subject Wisely

In your preparation for the examination, you need to choose your optional subject very wisely. Choose a subject that is your absolute favourite and you thoroughly enjoy studying it. Depending upon your area of interests, your optional subject will help you collect more and more marks both in prelims and mains.

4. APSC Prelims Preparation

After you are done selecting your desired subject as optional, you can further proceed with your preparation for prelims. Starting your preparation with the General Studies and CSAT paper is always better. NCERT books can be of great help if thorough reading is done. Reading newspapers editorials and Op-ed pages also help in your preparation so try to read newspapers regularly. Revision is the key to success, so revise as much as possible.

5. Mains Preparation

If you did well and there are chances of clearing the Prelim, you can immediately start your preparation for the Mains Exam. The APSC CC Mains Exam generally starts after 5 to 6 months after the Prelims and the General Studies section is comparatively vast. So, when you start your APSC Exam preparation 12 months before, you get the time to complete at least some portion of your GS paper and optional paper for Mains Exam. Joining APSC Mains Test Series is highly recommended as it will improve the practice of answer writing and will help in time management.

6. Preparation for Viva-voce or Interview

Interview, the final stage of APSC CC Examination where you can justify why you’re the best candidate for the post. Here, questions are asked randomly and your answers will show your knowledge and information on it. As for the interview, the questions are out of syllabus, your preparation on general knowledge and current affairs might be of great help. Be confident while you answer to your questions and know your purpose for opting APSC.


The above mentioned points are some of the smartest strategies that you can follow for your APSC Exam preparation. To be highly benefited, add these strategies in your routine for APSC Exam preparation and get fruitful results. Remember your hardwork and dedication is the key. For more details and information about APSC CC Examination or coaching classes for it, visit Bhadra IAS Academy and it's official website. The academy offers guidance to APSC aspirants of the North Eastern region with well-qualified and experienced faculty members