Important Current Affairs Topics For APSC Exams

We have listed some of the most important current affairs topics for APSC exams will help you in your preparation to crack the exam. Important Current Affairs Topics For APSC Exams

Important Current Affairs Topics For APSC Exams

We are all aware of the fact that civil service examinations like APSC,  UPSC, IAS and various others comprises of a vast syllabus, a task that  requires strenuous efforts and brain work. The questioning pattern of these  civil service exams demands the aspirants to be up-to-date with the daily  current affairs.

APSC CCE is one such civil service exam which is held from the state of  Assam. A major part of APSC CCE preparation requires aspirants to have  a firm grip on the current affairs of all the subjects included in the syllabus.

The aspirants are expected to make it a habit of keeping themselves  updated about the day to day incidents and events in and around the state.  Current affairs can be learned through various sources like newspapers  and the internet. It is important for the aspirants to have a daily subscription  of some acclaimed newspapers, such as The Hindu, The Indian Express and The Assam Tribune. The Assam Tribune is highly popular among the  APSC CCE aspirants and is followed religiously for its updates on current  affairs. The internet serves as a huge platform for the candidates to  comprehend a lot more than a newspaper as reading a newspaper might  be a very dull and boring job for some. Learning current affairs through the internet includes reading current affairs blogs and websites, watching  youtube videos or news and much more which is quite interesting and  makes it easier to retain faster because of its colourful audio-visual representation.

It is important to know the APSC CCE exam pattern and syllabus in depth. The APSC CCE exams are chiefly divided into a three-tier systemPrelims, Mains and vice-voce (interview). Current affairs questions are  asked in all the three levels of exams based on the listed subjects and are important as it covers a notable portion of the syllabus. Since there is no defined syllabus of current affairs for  both prelims and mains examination, the candidates must be regular with acquiring thorough knowledge on the current affairs and try to take note of the daily current affairs with the traditional subjects.

As a matter of fact, current affairs are directly or indirectly linked to all the three APSC exams as they ask questions based on a static topic which might be closely related to an event that happened in the recent past. Having requisite knowledge about the current events is imperative as it will make the selection process attainable for the aspirant. In both the prelims and the mains examination, current affairs based questions are to appear extensively in the question papers and studying the most important topics of current affairs will surely fetch more marks for the candidates.Moreover, in the interview round, the aspirants are critically evaluated on the basis of their knowledge and opinions on the current events and incidents. Practicing random APSC question papers from the past years will give you a fair idea about the types of questions asked and how they are explicitly or implicitly related to the current affairs of a state – national or international.

2020 is a year full of global affairs, with the pandemic hitting the world, political uprisings and so forth; the aspirants are likely to approach a huge number of topics. Placed below is a list of important current affairs topics for  APSC CCE – Prelims and Mains.

  • Covid 19
  • Farmers Bill 2020
  • New Education Policy 2020
  • Citizenship Amendment Act 2020
  • India-China Relations
  • Orunudoi Scheme
  • Extension of AFSPA in Assam
  • Assam Floods
  • Assam Baghjan Oil Well Fire
  • Jal Jeevan Mission
  • Radio for Education
  • Assam Accord and it's committee
  • 2020 Peace Agreement And The Formation of BTR
  • Loan Agreement Aigned with World Bank
  • National Population Registeration(NPR)
  • Article 370
  • The Dominance of Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • Noble Prize winners from all categories
  • Sahitya Sabha Award 2020
  • NITI Aayog
  • Kashmir Unrest
  • Dehing Patkai - Case Study
  • Natasurya Phani Sharma Award 2020
  • Sustainable Development Report -SDG Index 2020
  • New Acts Passed by the Parliament
  • India's Economy After Covid
  • Environmental Impact Assessment 2020
  • The Third World War
  • 2020 US Elections
  • Mega PSU Banks Merger
  • The Expansion of Privatization

Hope this list of important current affairs topics for APSC exams will help you in your preparation to crack the exam.