Assam Government Schemes for Competitive Exams | Discuss about “Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM)” .

Assam Government Schemes for Competitive Exams | Discuss about “Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM)” .

Ans : “Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM)” :- .
Assam Skill Development Mission is registered under Society Act in 2015 and is working under newly created Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship Department (SEED) , Govt. of Assam with the visions of capacity building of unemployed youth and to deliver quality skill training leading to meaningful employment to stimulate economy of the state. The Mission started its functioning from January, 2017 as :-
a. An apex body of all skill initiatives in the state to achieve skilling target of 1.50 lakhs youths in a year.
b. To provide quality skill training for gainful employment of educated unemployed youth.
c. To encourage development of entrepreneurs in different sectors.
d. To implement central sponsored skilling schemes in the state.

Main Functions of Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM) :-

1. To secure active involvement and participation of academic and research institutions, training institutes and other institutes working for the professional, technical, vocational education and skill development and to provide technical assistance to them for performing tasks entrusted by it for the achievement of the objects the Mission.
2. To obtain technical resources support by networking with the existing national and State level academic, training and research institutions, or through establishment of new ones.
3. To advise the State Government in formulation, execution, monitoring and evaluation of suitable measures for professional, technical, vocational education and skill development.
4. To promote and undertake analytical work to continuously improve the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of professional, technical, vocational education and skill development in the State of Assam.
5. To provide guidance and support for efficient planning and implementation, monitoring, evaluation of professional, technical, vocational education and skill development and up gradation in the State of Assam.
6. Setting up monitoring and tracking systems to assess the success of existing skill development programmes in the State. A common data-base of all candidates, employers, potential trainees and details of inspection reports and other training institutions shall he set up by the mission through a comprehensive IT portal.

Achievements of Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM) :-

1. ASDM is implementing Government of India schemes like PMKVY 2.0 under the Centrally Sponsored State Managed component as per the targets allocated to Assam. Apart from this, ASDM has launched the state funded Placement Linked Skill Development Training Program (PLSDTP). Covering all schemes (State and Central), ASDM targeted to skill 6 lakh people by the year 2020.
2. ASDM has created the institutional capacity under the PLSDTP and have empaneled more than 150 Training Providers with more than 350 Training Centers to impart training across 33 sectors. Under  PMKVY 2.0 , the mission has empaneled more than 15 Training Partners with approximately 30 Training Centers.
3. Apart from this, ASDM is implementing National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) through the Directorate of Employment and Craftsman Training (DECT), for ITI students. The primary objective behind NAPS is to provide hands on training to the youth and make them job ready as per the industry standards.
4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is another scheme to further the stride of skill development in the state. RPL largely focuses on certifying the skills of the youth who are already in employment (self or wage) but lack any formal certification. Through RPL, ASDM is mainly focusing on industries such as Tea, Healthcare, Agriculture, Construction, Automotive etc. This initiative will recognize the skills of the employed youth and provide them with a formal certificate which will create better livelihood opportunity for them in future.
5. ASDM has created the mobile application called “DAKSHA” . It stands for “Digital Access to Knowledge and Skilled Human Resource of Assam” . DAKSHA is envisioned as a multi-faceted app which will bring all the stakeholders to a single platform.

Conclusion :- The Assam government has given high priority to skill development and promotion of entrepreneurship in the state. The govt. is working on many schemes and have created a roadmap to integrate the goals of “ Skill India mission “ with State’s initiative ‘Advantage Assam’. ASDM is formed with the vision to provide quality skill training to the youth and providing them with gainful employment. To achieve this vision , ASDM has taken multiple initiatives with the common goal of enhancing the skills of the youth and increasing their employability.