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APSC/UPSC Model Question & Answers | General Studies III

Q1. What is a Cytokine storm? Discuss its link to COVID-19.

Cytokines are small glycoproteins produced by various types of cells throughout the body. Upon their release, cytokines can promote a wide range of functions, some of which involve the control of cell proliferation and differentiation  processes  as  well  as  regulating  immune  and  inflammatory responses.

Cytokine storms and Their Link to COVID-19
  1. Cytokines are present as a kind of protein inside the cells of the human body and are a part of our body’s immune response system. They help in protecting our body from various types of infections and fight against
  2. However, when the virus attacks our body, more and  more  cytokines are produced in the body and begin to grow 
  3. In such a situation cytokines start attacking the cells themselves, which adversely affects the body. Along with this, many parts of the body gradually stop working. Experts also say that the coronavirus makes the body’s immune system its biggest
  4. Cytokine storms or uncontrolled cytokines may affect  the  lungs,  due to which, the amount of oxygen in the body starts decreasing  and the arteries of the heart also  start  swelling,  which  increases  the risk of a heart attack. Apart from this, the chances of blood clotting or thrombosis also

According to experts, the Cytokine Storm is severe and can also result in the death of the COVID-19 patients if left untreated. We all must have heard about the multiple organ failure in COVID patients causing deaths.

Now, it is believed that the multiple organ failure in COVID-19 patients is caused by the Cytokine storm.

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