How To Prepare For APSC Interview

An APSC aspirant should focus on certain key factors while preparing for APSC interviews.  We have listed some important points to follow while preparing for APSC interview.

How To Prepare For APSC Interview

As per the APSC CCE format, the APSC interview is conducted after Mains examinations. The interview phase of APSC CCE is not only held to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge but to judge his personality. Whether a candidate has the required administrative skills or not, is to be assessed through this interview. There is a list of dos and don’ts to be followed while preparing for or during an APSC interview. Unlike prelims and mains examinations, APSC interviews do not consist of a definite syllabus. It is basically a personality test of an individual if he/she is fit to carry the huge burden of responsibilities associated with civil services.

An APSC aspirant should focus on certain key factors while preparing for APSC interviews. 

Dress Code -

One of the most essential elements for a fruitful interview is your dress code. The first thing that is likely to be noticed by the interviewers is your attire on the interview day. It is suggested to wear proper, comfortable formals for interview in case of both males and females. A pair of dark coloured formal trousers and a full sleeve, light coloured shirt with formal shoes(and socks) is a combination of best attire for an APSC interview. Similarly, female candidates should pick an indianwear(salwar suit/mekhela chadar) that is decent and not loud in color, paired up with low heeled or flat sandals and minimum jewellery and makeup to look presentable on the interview day.

Public Speaking Skills -

Interviews are held not just to test your knowledge but to analyze your speaking skills. Aspirants must inculcate effective communication skills to grab the interviewer’s attention. Interviews are not about speaking for longer durations. It is about making sense when you speak and avoiding irrelevant points.

Mental Preparation -

No doubt, APSC CCE is a stressful affair! It is important for you to prepare yourself mentally to achieve your goal. Attaining mental strength will help you stay calm and composed throughout your interview. Practice meditation to keep yourself calm in the most stressful of situations. 

Body Language -

Your body language speaks a lot about your personality. Do not try to be pretentious about yourself in front of the interviewers. Instead, work on your body language for real. An effective body language can work wonders in an interview even though you might not answer all of the questions correctly.

Preparing A Few Common Questions -

Some common questions are likely to be asked by the interviewers in APSC interviews. These questions can be referred to as, reasons for choosing civil service as a profession, reasons for giving preferences for the order of services etc. Moreover, if you have a job background already, you might be asked reasons for switching your profession, pros and cons about your past/present company. Be a critical thinker and answer your questions wisely, as they might be testing your integrity.

Be Up-To-Date With Your Current Affairs & Optional Subjects -

Current affairs remain an integral part of the APSC CCE journey. Candidates must keep themselves updated with the current happenings in and around. Reading newspapers and magazines should be continued practicing even after APSC mains get over. 

Know Yourself -

“Tell us something about yourself” is a common question asked in almost all the interviews. This is to know about a candidate’s knowledge about his/her strengths and weaknesses, their past experiences and future goals in life. Aspirants should know their resume by heart to ensure better answers during the interview.

Presence of Mind -

APSC interviews are not necessarily based on how many correct answers aspirants can get. Aspirants are evaluated on various other factors. One such important factor is the candidate’s presence of mind. You are not expected to give correct answers for all the questions. Be polite and honest about it. Moreover, take some time before answering every question and try to think logically about whatever they ask. 

Conclusion :

Aspirants with ideal etiquettes and an impressive personality have plausible chances of cracking the APSC interview with flying colours. The above mentioned points are to be kept in mind while preparing for your APSC interview.